We can provide pontoons for filming on water, from stuntman work jumping from bridges or crane cages or providing safe floating walkways to quickly move staff around the set.

We can provide a clean clear walkway across the dock to get to the film sets and it can be made to fold away on its self to get the walkway out of shot. The walkway can also be a sturdy base for filming from rather then a boat for instance.

We can also give you a manoeuvrable pontoon which you can film from and also work off of for any in water work / filming this can be any size or shape you require and also be provided with hand rails all round with or without a gate on.


Pctures shown are of work we have previously done whilst working with BBC, Netflix, ITV and also National Geographic these are amongst the few we have worked with throughout the U.K.

Any pontoon you wish to have can be made to size and delivered to site throughout the U.K.