Commercial Floating Pontoons

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Make Working on Water Easy

Working on water presents real challenges. How do you get the stable, solid base that’s safe for your people to work on, and strong enough to carry the plant and equipment they need?

Hire a modular floating pontoon from Floating Pontoon Solutions, and you’ll have the safe, cost-effective, customisable platform that adapts to your requirements.

Ideal for the construction, rail and waterways industries, make working on water safe and simple. Hire a floating pontoon.

Commercial Floating Pontoon Solutions

How could our floating pontoons help your project? They’re already at work making bridge inspections easier, enabling waterway clearance, creating vehicle and pedestrian diversions over water and much more.

Find out how our modular floating pontoons solutions could help you.


All our floating pontoons have exceptional buoyancy, making them suitable for floating heavy loads or construction work even in shallow waters, waters with soft beds, or bogs and marshes. To find out more about the suitability of floating pontoon systems for your application, please call 01253 921 352.

Kg Weight Load Per m2

Each square metre of floating pontoon can support up to 350kg of evenly distributed weight. Need additional weight? We’ll simply increase the pontoon thickness by adding additional pontoon layers.

Modules Explained

Your project is unlikely to require exactly the same number or arrangement of floating pontoons as anyone else’s. That’s why our floating pontoons are modular, so you can build the exact size and shape of floating pontoon you need. Although each interlocking section can support up to 350kg, each module weighs just 11.5kg, making it easy to manhandle. On water you can manoeuvre your floating pontoon with oars or ropes, or connect an outboard motor if you need a mobile waterborne working platform. With 24 hour delivery and expert installation, talk to us about delivering and assembling your floating pontoons.


Pontoons are the strong, safe and stable floating maintenance platform that can:

  • Support excavators and other plant machinery on water or marsh
  • Provide the ideal working platform for pier and bridge maintenance
  • Act as a floating excavator platform for de-silting
  • Enable simple distribution and recovery of floating water pumps
  • Provide the solid base for tree maintenance over canals, rivers and lakes

When your project means diverting roads or footpaths over water, choose floating pontoon platforms as your:

  • Floating walkways and bridges for vehicular and pedestrian access
  • Floating footpath diversions on canals and rivers
  • Floating portable jetties
  • Floating platforms for waterways access and inspections

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Delivery & Collection

A nationwide modular floating pontoon hire delivery and collection service

Assembly & Dismantling

Modular floating pontoon hire assembling and dismantling service

Extra Equipment

Supply of additional equipment from outboard motors to tower scaffolds and life jackets

Profitable Projects

Floating pontoons make water-based projects quicker and simpler, cutting the time and cost of working on water.

And at Floating Pontoons Solutions, we’re working hard to make floating pontoon hire even more cost effective, so every project becomes more profitable.

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Fully Customisable

The interlocking, modular pontoon system is customisable…

To any size
To any shape
To fit around posts, pillars, columns and corners
For simple, quick assembly on land or water

Delivery, Assembly, Dismantling & Collection

Your modular floating pontoons can be delivered and installed virtually anywhere.
Construction and installation requires a skilled team of professionals. We’ll work with you through all phases of your project, from pre-start meetings and method statements to installation and deconstruction of the pontoon system.
Typically, we assemble our floating platforms on flat ground before launching them onto the water. For large pontoons, we create manageable sections on land, then join them together on water. Where vehicle access is limited or where ground is particularly soft or requires protecting, we carry modules to the water and assemble there.

Just a quick note to say thank you for the flexibility that you showed last week in relation to the change to the relocation date for the pontoon(s) at Oxley Moor and for completing another high quality installation which CRT are again happy with.

Alastair Sayers

Project Delivery Manager, Mott MacDonald Bentley

Many thanks for that Steve, the pontoon worked like a charm. We will not hesitate to contact you should the need arise again.

Wayne Russell

QS Supervisor, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Floating Pontoon solutions provide a great product which has helped us to access repair locations at underside of railway structures throughout Scotland. They have always provided us with a prompt and reliable service at a reasonable price.

Brian Thomson

Sub Agent, Amalgamated Construction Ltd

What Can Pontoons Be Used For?

From bridge maintenance to canal clearance, triathlons and firework displays to location filming and boating regattas, your project is safer and simpler with a floating pontoon.