Geotechnical Investigation Over Water

Pontoons for Surveys, Probe Testing, Rigs & Boreholes

Geotechnical Investigation Pontoons

Water-based surveys, sampling and other exploratory work needs a solid platform from which to work. Floating Pontoon Solutions provides safe, secure, customisable platforms that enable your teams to do their jobs without worrying about their own safety, or the integrity of the investigations.

Need Space for Drilling?

The modular construction of our floating pontoons means that you can tailor the platform for your requirements. So if you need a central clearing in the platform to provide room for boring, testing or sampling, our experts will construct it for you.

Take a look at the modular floating pontoons solutions that have helped our clients.

Easily Manoeuvred

Need your floating pontoon system to be mobile on the water, so it can visit a number of sampling sites? Ask us to fit an outboard engine as part of your pontoon hire and you’ll be able to navigate canals, rivers and lakes.

Mooring Your Floating Pontoon

Where your work requires the floating pontoon to remain securely in place, we will assess the condition of the water and use the appropriate mooring equipment to ensure survey work isn’t compromised or delayed by movement.

All our staff are CSCS trained and have Rescue 3 Europe qualifications. Working on the water is like a second home to them, meaning you’re in the safest hands possible.

Choose FPS Floating Pontoons For...
  • Window sampling
  • Dynamic probe testing
  • Cable percussive boreholes
  • Floating terrier rigs

Pontoon Hire. What’s Included?

Free Estimates

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Delivery & Collection

A nationwide modular floating pontoon hire delivery and collection service

Assembly & Dismantling

Modular floating pontoon hire assembling and dismantling service

Extra Equipment

Supply of additional equipment from outboard motors to tower scaffolds and life jackets

Your Investigation Partner

Make Floating Pontoon Solutions your floating platform partner for all on-water geotechnical and environmental investigations.

We deliver and install our floating pontoons virtually anywhere, assembling on land or water depending on access and the availability of solid ground.

We work with you through all phases of your project from attending pre-start meetings, providing method statements and guidance through to installation and demobilising of the pontoon.

To discuss your project and explore pontoon hire options, please call 01253 921 352 or contact us.

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