Floating Walkways & Bridges

Across Lakes, Harbours, Rivers & Canals & To Islands

Walk (or Drive) on Water

Need to get from A to B without going the long way round?

Floating walkways are a quick, simple solution for temporarily enabling pedestrian and small plant access across lakes, harbours, rivers and canals, and over to islands.

Floating Walkways & Bridges

Floating pontoon bridges are ideal for temporary water crossings. Because they’re modular, the reach, width and load bearing capacity can be tailored to your requirements. And although installation time varies depending on the span of the floating walkway, we can usually install them within a day.

Take a look at the modular floating pontoons solutions that have helped our clients:


Floating walkways are ideal for temporary emergency cover following the washing away of bridges and riverside paths, and for construction workers who need a way of working on – or getting across – open water.

Our floating pontoon systems are also perfect for public and private events where you’re expecting existing routes to be overwhelmed by numbers. By taking advantage of pontoon hire, you can create additional routes across rivers and lakes.


Hire a pontoon walkway and you’ll be able to choose from a variety of handrail types and other edge protection systems to keep pedestrians, equipment and workers safe.

Floating Walkway Uses...
  • Floating construction work access
  • Canal towpath diversions
  • Temporary works access
  • Tree felling and landscaping on islands
  • Pedestrian walkways at events
  • Beach access
And There's More...
  • Wetland and marshes
  • Bridge access
  • Culverts repair and clearance
  • Access to allow scaffolding to be erected
  • Access to pier legs

Pontoon Hire. What’s Included?

Free Estimates

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Delivery & Collection

A nationwide modular floating pontoon hire delivery and collection service

Assembly & Dismantling

Modular floating pontoon hire assembling and dismantling service

Extra Equipment

Supply of additional equipment from outboard motors to tower scaffolds and life jackets

Delivery, Assembly, Dismantling & Collection

We can deliver and install your floating walkways virtually anywhere.

Where vehicle access is limited or if there’s particularly soft ground, we will carry the individual modules of the floating pontoon system to the water, where they can be safely assembled and floated into position without damaging the soft ground and surrounding area.

Prior to installation, we’ll work with you to agree project scope. We will attend your pre-start meetings, provide method statements and guidance throughout installation and when the floating pontoon is no longer needed, we’ll deconstruct and remove it swiftly, safely and ethically.

To discuss your project and explore pontoon walkway hire options, please call 01253 921 352 or contact us.

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