Affordable & Stable Floating Platforms

Ideal for events and commercial projects

Perfect For Bridge Inspections & Repairs

Makes maintenance & construction work on water so easy!

Safe & Secure for Mounting Equipment

Can withstand 350kg of weight per square metre

Transform Your Event

Environmentally (and people!) friendly floating platforms

Safe Access Over Water

FPS are specialists in providing floating pontoon systems, working platforms and providing safe access over water, Floating Pontoon Solutions  has an outstanding track record of excellence, innovation and safety as a sub-contractor to many of the UK’s leading construction, civil engineering and event companies.

Combining Exceptional Strength & Functionality

Pontoon Hire

FPS Pontoon Hire are specialists in floating work platforms, floating walkways, floating event stage hire and installation of Modular Pontoon systems for commercial use as well as for events throughout the UK. Delivery and installation is availiable 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Our Service

Construction and installation of the Modular Pontoon system requires a skilled team of professionals. We work with our clients through all phases of a project, from attending pre-start meetings, providing RAMS, Temporary works design, stability calculations and installation and demobilising of the pontoon.


Project Showcase

Discover how floating pontoons can be transformed into any shape or size

Why Modular Floating Pontoons?

They’re a safe and cost effective way to work on, above or near water. Modular pontoons are also exceptionally strong, functional and allow for rapid construction.

They’re ideal as floating platforms, walkways, footpaths, bridges, stages, jetties and access systems for commercial projects, public and private events and for the TV and film industry.

Clients We've Helped...

We're an accredited Construction Line UK Gold Member,  Registered Pre-Qualified Construction Services
We're Acclaim Accredited
We're Safety Schemes In Procurement (SSIP) accredited
We're Builders Profile registered
RISQS Supplier Qualification Scheme accredited

Not Just Pontoon Hire

Modular pontoon systems are extremely versatile tools to solve any number of problems associated with working on or around water. Our expertise and understanding of these problems enable us to satisfy our clients’ needs efficiently. We have gained an enormous amount of experience over the last 10 years and are confident that we provide the most professional and comprehensive service in the UK today.

All of our Safety Boats and Workboats are coded, licensed and delivered ready for use. Equipment can be hired on a bareboat basis or with one of our RYA Qualified Operators. Hire rates include: Full Day and Long Term hire.

We also offer a full range of equipment for hire from life jackets and outboard engines though to scaffold towers and debris booms.

Whatever your project requirements are, Floating Pontoon Solutions can cater for your needs. We will work alongside you from start to completion of your project. We offer a full range of equipment suitable for any job, to ensure that everything runs efficiently.

Make Working On Water Easy

Use a quality (and stable!) modular floating pontoon. 24 hour delivery AND low cost installation!