Affordable & Stable Floating Platforms

Ideal for events and commercial projects

Perfect For Bridge Inspections & Repairs

Makes maintenance & construction work on water so easy!

Safe & Secure for Mounting Equipment

Can withstand 350kg of weight per square metre

Transform Your Event

Environmentally (and people!) friendly floating platforms

Combining Exceptional Strength & Functionality

Strong & Versatile

Floating highway bridge inspection pontoon hire  


It’s lighter than steel yet stronger than graphene!

Ideal for bridge repairs, canal and waterways maintenance and specialist projects

It’s the perfect, easy to assemble floating platform of choice  

Scalable & Adaptable

Floating access platform pontoon to fit any shape or size


Tranforms into any size

Fits around any shape including posts, columns and corners

24 hour delivery, quick and easy assembly and expert installation


Project Showcase

Discover how floating pontoons can be transformed into any shape or size

Why Modular Floating Pontoons?

They’re a safe and cost effective way to work on, above or near water. Modular pontoons are also exceptionally strong, functional and allow for rapid construction.

They’re ideal as floating platforms, walkways, footpaths, bridges, stages, jetties and access systems for commercial projects, public and private events and for the TV and film industry.

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Make Working On Water Easy

Use a quality (and stable!) modular floating pontoon. 24 hour delivery AND low cost installation!