Watercourse Maintenance

We're contractors for Local Authorities & the Environment Agency

Experienced Watercourse Contractors

Floating Pontoon Solutions has significant experience of Watercourse Maintenance.

We’re contracted to Local Authority’s and work on behalf of the Environment Agency carrying out maintenance works on various main river tributaries, including asset rehabilitation and scheduled bank and channel maintenance.

Looking To De-Silt, Dredge, Clear or Fence?

Vegetation clearance and de-silting of dykes and watercourses is fundamental in ensuring the effectiveness of any drainage system.

Using a variety of specialist equipment and a skilled and experienced workforce Floating Pontoon Solutions also maintain and upgrade the dykes and watercourses for a number of drainage boards, local authorities and land owners.

Watercourse Services...
  • Watercourse maintenance
  • De-silting
  • Floating excavator platforms
  • Re-grading
  • Piling and bank retention
  • Ditching
  • Earthworks
And There's More...
  • Vegetation clearance
  • Floating chipper platforms
  • Dredging
  • Pond and lake maintenance
  • Fencing
  • Floating pontoon Hire

Pontoon Hire. What’s Included?

Free Estimates

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Delivery & Collection

A nationwide modular floating pontoon hire delivery and collection service

Assembly & Dismantling

Modular floating pontoon hire assembling and dismantling service

Extra Equipment

Supply of additional equipment from outboard motors to tower scaffolds and life jackets

Delivery, Assembly, Dismantling & Collection

Floating modular pontoons can be delivered and installed virtually anywhere.

If vehicle access is limited or if there’s particularly soft ground, the modular pontoon can be split into individual and manageable sized floats that can be carried by hand and re-built on the water without any damage to the soft ground and surrounding area.

Construction and installation of the modular pontoon system requires a skilled team of professionals.  We work with you through all phases of your project from attending pre-start meetings, providing method statements and guidance through to installation and demobilising of the pontoon.

Looking For A Quick & Simple Way To Maintain The Waterways?