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A watertight float or vessel used where buoyancy is required in water, as in supporting a bridge, in salvage work, or where a temporary or mobile structure is required. A pontoon bridge.

Yet that’s only the start of what our floating pontoon systems are capable of. Discover the many ways pontoon hire can make your event or project simpler.

Pontoon Hire – Solutions for Business

Does your project require a floating pontoon for maintenance, access, plant machinery, engineers or camera crews? Or perhaps you’re organising an event that requires a floating platform for guests, spectators or competitors?

Whatever your requirements, we’ve got the safe, secure pontoon solution for you. With quick and easy installation and nationwide delivery and collection, we make pontoon hire simple.

Why Choose Floating Pontoons?
Low installation costs. Minimum upkeep levels. High stability. Ask us to install a floating pontoon for your event or project and you’ll have the sturdiest of structures designed to withstand the weight of people, vehicles and machinery.

And because all our floating pontoon systems are rot-proof, they’ll stay stable whether you need them temporarily or permanently.

We have a number of solutions to increase the buoyancy, strength and capability of our pontoons based on the recommendations of our engineers. The obvious solution is more pontoon, whether this is a bigger footprint to the pontoon as a whole or double stacking the pontoons to effectively double the overall buoyancy, both can easily be done and even partnered together.
Versatile capabilitys
Our pontoons offer strong, reliable and versatile platforms for any project. The loading capabilities of our pontoons may be enhanced when required to provide buoyancy levels capable of supporting surprisingly large loads.
Pontoon Sizes & kg Weight Load Per m2

Our floating pontoons are typically 966 mm x 483 mm x 390 mm. They weigh approximately 11.5kg per double float. This makes them light enough to be carried by hand to the water’s edge when there is limited access. Each square metre of pontoon can take up to 175kg of evenly distributed weight.

If you need the platform to carry extra weight, we can increase the pontoon thickness by adding further layers of pontoon. And we can transform the shape or size of any pontoon to meet your requirements.

Point loading

The modular makeup of our pontoons means that when significant weight is applied to the surface, they flex in order to spread the load and accommodate the weight being applied. Should significant weight need to be applied to the pontoon in a small area then we are able to spread the weight on the pontoon by use of a subframe and or reinforceing the deck. This significantly increases the point loading capabilities of the pontoons.

Protecting The Environment
Ensuring our pontoon hire remains kind to waterways and the wider environment is as important to us as it is to you. That’s why we choose floating pontoons manufactured from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), selected for its toughness and durability. All our pontoons are:

  • Manufactured from 100% recyclable material
  • Rot-proof, resistant to acids, bases and hydrocarbons
  • Manufactured to food grade standards (so they won’t damage the environment and are always safe to use, even on drinking water reservoirs)

If required, we can also supply floating pontoons in recycled HDPE, with ultra violet stabilisers that offer a very high UV resistance.

Pontoon Hire. What’s Included?

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Delivery & Collection

We have our own fleet of vehicles to transport your pontoon, safety boat and equipment to any location throughout the UK, Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Assembly & Dismantling

We have experienced and qualified operatives, from the assembly of a floating pontoon to the erection of a scaffold tower, There will be few challenges they have not already come across!  

Extra Equipment

We can supply additional equipment from outboard motors, tower scaffolds, life rings, throw lines, life jackets and debris booms, please ask if you have any specific requirements.

What Clients Have Said About Us…

Just a quick note to say thank you for the flexibility that you showed last week in relation to the change to the relocation date for the pontoon(s) at Oxley Moor and for completing another high quality installation which CRT are again happy with.

Alastair Sayers

Project Delivery Manager, Mott MacDonald Bentley

Many thanks for that Steve, the pontoon worked like a charm. We will not hesitate to contact you should the need arise again.

Wayne Russell

QS Supervisor, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council

Floating Pontoon solutions provide a great product which has helped us to access repair locations at underside of railway structures throughout Scotland. They have always provided us with a prompt and reliable service at a reasonable price.

Brian Thomson

Sub Agent, Amalgamated Construction Ltd

Not Just Pontoon Hire

Modular pontoon systems are extremely versatile tools to solve any number of problems associated with working on or around water. Our expertise and understanding of these problems enable us to satisfy our clients’ needs efficiently. We have gained an enormous amount of experience over the last 10 years and are confident that we provide the most professional and comprehensive service in the UK today.

All of our Safety Boats and Workboats are coded, licensed and delivered ready for use. Equipment can be hired on a bareboat basis or with one of our RYA Qualified Operators. Hire rates include: Full Day and Long Term hire.

We also offer a full range of equipment for hire from life jackets and outboard engines though to scaffold towers and debris booms.

Whatever your project requirements are, Floating Pontoon Solutions can cater for your needs. We will work alongside you from start to completion of your project. We offer a full range of equipment suitable for any job, to ensure that everything runs efficiently.

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