Bridge Inspection Floating Platforms

The perfect way to inspect bridges safely

Bridge Inspection Made Easy

Access to the underside of bridges is simple when you use a floating pontoon.

And thanks to the modular design, you can arrange pontoon hire for any scale and span, ensuring your people always have a platform that makes their work quicker, simpler and safer.

Bridge Inspection Pontoons

Hire a pontoon for bridge inspection and maintenance and we’ll supply the full access solution, including floating pontoon, delivery, installation, and tower scaffold (erected by trained PASMA scaffold operatives).

We’ll also work with you to make manoeuvring the pontoon simple. Using ropes or outboard engines for larger projects, we’ll ensure your floating platform gives you inspection and maintenance access wherever you need it.

Take a look at how our modular floating pontoons are making our clients’ bridge inspections simpler:

Access & Positioning

Not every bridge has easy access. But the low weight, modular construction of our floating pontoon systems means we can assemble pontoons away from the water’s edge and carry them to a suitable entry point (sometimes hundreds of metres from the bridge being inspected).

From there, outboard motors can swiftly and easily position the pontoon exactly where you need it.

Minimal or No Disruption to Roads

Inspection from the waterway reduces or entirely removes any impact on roads or rails, so you can inspect without contributing to traffic congestion or rail delays. And because assembly of the floating pontoon doesn’t need to happen at-site, not even the pontoon delivery vehicles need cause an obstruction.

Pontoon Hire Makes Bridge Inspections Easier
  • Minimal disruption
  • No need for traffic management
  • Trackside access kept to a minimum
  • Reduced costs
  • Easier planning
  • Daylight inspection
  • Safer work environment

Pontoon Hire. What’s Included?

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Delivery & Collection

A nationwide modular floating pontoon hire delivery and collection service

Assembly & Dismantling

Modular floating pontoon hire assembling and dismantling service

Extra Equipment

Supply of additional equipment from outboard motors to tower scaffolds and life jackets

Your Project Partner

Across the UK, Floating Pontoons Solutions is a partner to construction, utility, road, rail and waterways companies for whom bridge inspection and maintenance is an integral part of the job. We’ll work with you through all phases of your project from attending pre-start meetings, providing method statements and guidance through to installation and demobilising of the pontoon.

To discuss your project and explore pontoon hire options, please call 01253 921 352 or contact us.

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