Floating Pontoons for Canal Infrastructure

The UK’s canal network has in excess of 2,000 miles of towpaths and over 3,000 bridges crossing the waterways; whether rail, road, pedestrian or even aqueducts. Floating Pontoon Solutions has been involved in multiple restoration and maintenance projects keeping this significant infrastructure operational.


Repairs and inspections

Working on bridges crossing canals and rivers often requires most of the work to be undertaken on the abutment of the bridge alongside towpaths. Repairs such as replacing brickwork and repointing cannot take place whilst members of the public are using the existing path, as a result footpaths must be closed for the duration of such works. Without a solution this impacts on the many thousands who use these footpaths for commuting and recreation.


Floating diversions

Thankfully our pontoons offer the perfect solution providing a temporary towpath diversion for pedestrians and cyclists. We supply and install floating walkways allowing pedestrians to bypass closed sections of the existing towpath, minimising disruption and keeping them out of harm’s way of any works being undertaken.