Safety, Work & Rescue Boats

Boats For Safety Cover, Maintenance & Access

Safety Boat Hire

Work in construction, maintenance, engineering or the rail industry? Or perhaps you’ve some bridgework repairs above water, an event to host or a camera crew who require their own transport while filming on water?

Floating pontoon solutions provides inshore safety, work and rescue boats for numerous commercial industries projects and private and General Public events for activities on, or near water.

Boats For Commercial, Public and Private Hire

Floating Pontoon Solutions has access to a range of company owned boats for pontoon towing, installation and de-commissioning:

What Can Safety Boats Be Used For?

Any Marine construction project where there is a need for work over or near water can require the use of a Safety Boat.

If you need to errect or dismantle scaffolding, require rope access, access for demolition of structures, refurbishment or maintenance projects or new construction work, a work boat is the perfect solution to help you get (or sail!) from A to B and get the job done.

Not Sure Which Safety Boat To Choose?

Once your floating pontoon is installed, we can provide a range of boats for safety boat cover, maintenance or access if required.

We’ll happily recommend the right boat for your project, pontoon installation and type of waterway.

Mayday, Mayday! Rescue & Emergency Situation?

Our safety boat teams are trained and experienced to deal with all rescue emergency situations and have a sound understanding of any marine environment and safety boat operations.

We Take Your Safety Very Seriously

Safety and compliance with statutory obligations for ourselves and our clients is a top priority affecting all aspects of our service.

Through our fleet of safety and work boats and trained operators we are able to provide on-the-water safety support for all applications of our work platforms.

All our craft operatives are fully Rescue 3 Europe qualified and experienced boat handlers.


Rescue3E Rescue 3 Europe Qualified and Experienced Boat Handlers

Changeable Water & Weather Conditions

In combination with our range of boats and other water rescue equipment, this enables us to maintain effective cover in changeable water and weather conditions.

Our teams are equipped and trained to operate from bank or beach, on mud, through vegetation, in shallow wading water, on deep slow water or fast flowing water.

More Than A Toe Dipped In The Water?

We know thay any workplace over, on or near water presents a danger that persons might slip or fall into the water.

That’s why we’ve several styles and size of boat, specifically chosen depending on the size and nature of the water to be covered. Anyone who’s mistakenly (ahem!) taken a dip in the water will be rescued promptly.

Safety Boat Options
  • Provision of rescue boats during activities taking place on or near the water
  • Pontoon delivery and access boats
  • Water rescue services for construction and rail projects
  • Safety boats covering maintenance operations with mobile underbridge unit
  • Flood response
  • Life jacket and safety equipment hire
Why Hire From Us?
  • We operate on all UK inland waterways, canals, rivers, reservoirs and lakes
  • Our specialist and professionally trained crews can be mobilized to any location at short notice
  • Some of our boats are available ‘bareboat’ if you have your own competent crew or alternatively we’re able to provide onsite training
  • Professional RYA trained operators
  • Our 24/7 service is nationwide

Pontoon Hire. What’s Included?

Free Estimates

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Delivery & Collection

A nationwide modular floating pontoon hire delivery and collection service

Assembly & Dismantling

Modular floating pontoon hire assembling and dismantling service

Extra Equipment

Supply of additional equipment from outboard motors to tower scaffolds and life jackets

Delivery, Assembly, Dismantling & Collection

Floating modular pontoons can be delivered and installed virtually anywhere.

If vehicle access is limited or if there’s particularly soft ground, the modular pontoon can be split into individual and manageable sized floats that can be carried by hand and re-built on the water without any damage to the soft ground and surrounding area.

Construction and installation of the modular pontoon system requires a skilled team of professionals.  We work with you through all phases of your project from attending pre-start meetings, providing method statements and guidance through to installation and demobilising of the pontoon.

Need A Safety, Work Or Rescue Boat?

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