The day this pontoon went in marked the start day for some of the concerned residents of Leith, the iconic cinema which opened its doors in 1938 and held 1700 people was now rescued from the Buildings at Risk register this meant the architect had all the proposed work accepted and work was about to commence.

The plan is to convert the once derelict building into apartments, the client came to us to see if we could help with some of the first stages of the renoviction he was concerned with the demolition and all the old building materials would come away from the building and fall into the water course, our plan was to put a side wall pontoon the full length of the building with j-safe panels all fitted with debris netting  and any falling materials would land one the pontoon, then can be cleaned at the contractors convenience, thus eliminating building materials falling in to the water course and polluting Water of Leith.

All demolition work can be catered for whether it be similar to this job or anything manoeuvrable we can tailor it to you and your job requirements and it can be delivered anywhere within the U.K.