Times are changing for the Orwell at Wigan Pier.

 We are here to support a client of FPS which needed some help. They knew what they wanted to do and how to do it, but when it came to doing the work they soon ran out of land and they felt like a duck out of water “sort of speak”. They arranged a meeting and showed us around and told us what they needed to do the main work is being done on the walkway around the back of the Orwell (Formally the Orwell bar and restaurant).

We have installed a 36M X 4M working platform so they can start cutting away the old rotten wooden walkway which it situated on both buildings and hangs over the Leeds and Liverpool canal. Once all the wood has been removed, they will then be replacing it with a canter leaver walkway built from our pontoons.


This will be an ongoing project which requires the pontoon to be relocated several times, so the prompt service FPS provide is a key factor so they have no down time so work can continue swiftly, and they meet there targets.