Pictures shown here are of when we had to help out a client, they were asked to remove the pedestrian foot bridge and the obvious solution was to bring in a crane and unbolt it and lift it away job done, But as they went to look at the job they were left thinking twice as there was overhead power line and telephone wires directly above the bride.
As the client contacted us and explained the situation we said no problem, we met then on the arranged day and time. We installed the pontoon and placed it directly underneath the bridge, put some skids between the bridge and pontoon and lowered the bridge onto our  pontoon.
It all went quickly and smoothly and the client could not have been happier with what we had done, they soon got to work on the bridge and cut it into small manageable sections, then carried them to the banking side to be loaded on to a truck and disposed of correctly.

Some people have problems but us here at FPS have solutions, why not try us and contact us directly and see what we can come up with. All pontoons are assembled on site and delivered to anywhere in the U.K.