Pontoons and Boats for Bridge Inspections

Bridge inspections are an essential and integral part to maintaining bridge safety. It should be carried out routinely as part of the bridge maintenance plan to maintain bridge conditions to a high standard and promote longevity. Bridge inspection also provide an insight into the capability of a structure to withstand changes in usage, for example where additional walkways, pipes or services are required, or where a bridge needs to carry increased or abnormal loads. FPS provide access over water to enable the survey to be carried out, we use a variety of solutions, from small inflatable boats to pontoons with scaffold towers, we deliver, install and operate the systems provided.

FPS Pontoon Hire offer a high-quality service, undertaking numerous inspections throughout the year on a wide range of structures, ranging from major bridges, buildings and landmarks, to small culverts and minor bridges over roads.

Each project is given our upmost duty of care and attention to detail. We employ some of the diverse pontoon operatives in the industry, who have a wide range of skill-sets, training and experience, to ensure we can attain the best possible result for your project requirements.

FPS Pontoon Hire can provide pontoons and boats throughout the United Kingdom.

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