Marine Containment Booms

Debris, oil and silt containment booms for hire or sale

Marine Containment Booms

Marine containment booms are designed to contain water based oil spills and debris, To prevent them from pollution the environment. They can be used in the sea, rivers, lakes and canals almost anywhere with water! Some types of marine boom suit certain needs more than others. Please read more to take a more in depth look at the types of marine floating booms we have for hire or sale to see which best fits your need.

Selecting the right debris boom

The most suitable debris boom to meet your requirements is dependent on a number of factors including:

The type of  project – dredging, construction, runoff/debris control. The duration of the project. The body of water – calm lake/canal, moving river/stream, near-shore, sea. The water conditions – wave height, current/flow rate, wind velocity in the area, water depth. The length and depth of curtain you need

Please contact us and we will be happy to advise on the best solution for your project.

Debris Booms

PVC marine floating debris boom, suitable for containment of trash and debris. The fence booms can be joined together to form larger containment curtains. The flotation boom has a ballast chain along the bottom edge to maintain full draft to contain debris and rubbish.

PVC containment boom is an economical and straight forward way to control trash and debris on water. It is rugged and long lasting for extensive use on water. Perfect for ponds, lakes, rivers, in a marina or a canal.

This floating boom has chain along it’s bottom edge inside the PVC acting as weight so it floats vertically and evenly on the water ensuring no contained spill or debris can escape. The boom has good resistance to wave action, its very easy to deploy in the water and easy to clean and maintain to a high standard.

This product can be sold or hired and we also offer a delivery and installation service thoughout the UK. 

Absorbent Boom with Non-Absorbing Skirt

This boom should be deployed with the absorbent side facing the spill, this means you can contain and absorb it, alternatively you can face the absorbant side away to make it act as a containment boom.

Our absorbant boom is very cost effective and lightweight, this boom c covers a 10 metre area.

If you require any additional information or technical details regarding this product please contact us as our staff are at your full disposal.

Pontoon Hire. What’s Included?

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Delivery & Collection

We have our own fleet of vehicles to transport your pontoon, safety boat and equipment to any location throughout the UK, Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Assembly & Dismantling

We have experienced and qualified operatives, from the assembly of a floating pontoon to the erection of a scaffold tower, There will be few challenges they have not already come across!  

Extra Equipment

We can supply additional equipment from outboard motors, tower scaffolds, life rings, throw lines, life jackets and debris booms, please ask if you have any specific requirements.

Not Just Pontoon Hire

Modular pontoon systems are extremely versatile tools to solve any number of problems associated with working on or around water. Our expertise and understanding of these problems enable us to satisfy our clients’ needs efficiently. We have gained an enormous amount of experience over the last 10 years and are confident that we provide the most professional and comprehensive service in the UK today.

All of our Safety Boats and Workboats are coded, licensed and delivered ready for use. Equipment can be hired on a bareboat basis or with one of our RYA Qualified Operators. Hire rates include: Full Day and Long Term hire.

We also offer a full range of equipment for hire from life jackets and outboard engines though to scaffold towers and debris booms.

Whatever your project requirements are, Floating Pontoon Solutions can cater for your needs. We will work alongside you from start to completion of your project. We offer a full range of equipment suitable for any job, to ensure that everything runs efficiently.

Need a containment boom for oil or debris ?

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