We recently completed works in the New Forest National Park just west of Southampton, we had a client ask us to draw up plans to gain access to the underneath of the road bridge for the steel to be repainted. The client mentioned that they already a scaffolding company doing the same and they will be submitting drawings for the same bridge and that our client would be looking at both options to see which one would best fit there requirements. Our client needed full access to the underneath of the of bridge so that they can get to the steel beams and plates to de-rust and repaint.

Overall our pontoon suited our client’s needs best as the river level could potentially rise by half a meter and having scaffolding under the bridge would not be useful. If the river level came up it would wash away boards from the scaffolding resulting in down days and a cost of replacing lost boards and the environmental impact, with our pontoon in the river and the water level coming up the pontoon would stay in its fixed position and rise and fall with the river level.

The client confirmed the installation date of the pontoon, we travelled down south the day before so we had a full day to complete the installation, everything went as planed and the pontoon installation was fixed in position by the time the council came out to site to sign it off. Along with our client and the local council who they are working on behalf of, they were all amazed and surprised at how sturdy the pontoon was and how little time it took to get it all installed and in position ready for the works to commence.