AE Yate’s recently approached us to help remove a temporary arch support system which was supporting Linton Bridge for repair works. The support system comprised of 2 x 17 tonne bridge trusses built on 4 steel tubular piles. These had to be lifted from the piles by a 500 tonne mobile crane, lowered onto a platform, taken upstream and then lifted onto dry land. The solution we provided was a double stacked 30m x 2.5m pontoon with 6 outriggers added for stability. The whole operation was a complex one, and carried some risk as no one wanted 17 tonne trusses entering the water, but the whole operation was carried out with no issues whatsoever, and proved a great success for all.

After the job was completed, Floating Pontoon Solutions were saluted on their professionalism and ability to provided a bespoke solution to a unique requirement.