This day we could not have helped others more, we were approached by a regular client of ours to do some work on a bridge requiring some updates. They informed us the bridge was In need of a survey.

They gave us the size and requirements they needed and then set the date for all this to go ahead, the day before they asked if another contractor would be able to have use of the pontoon as well, we happily obliged but they informed us they would be doing a Geotechnical survey.

This meant we had to reassess what was going on the pontoon and made all the right agistment’s to the pontoon this meaning they had to have access to the water from the pontoon so a single peace of pontoon was removed¬† from the middle so the drill pipe could get to the river bed and take samples, then the samples would be taken to a specialist for them to make a detailed assessment and decisions would be made from there.

We can make pontoons to you job requirements whether is be canal moorings or just bedrock samples.