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Pontoon Hire Explained

How Do I Choose The Correct Floating Pontoon?

Once you have identified the need to hire a floating modular pontoon, we’ll help you assess the pontoon design that best suits your project requirements.


Floating MEWP Access Pontoon Platform Hire

What Do I Need To Consider?

It would be useful, but not essential, if you have an initial sense of the specification for your floating modular pontoon installation. For example, consider the following:


  • approximately what size platform do you require?
  • what’s your preferred layout?
  • how many people or what weight of plant and equipment does it need to hold?
  • how long do you wish to hire your pontoon for?
  • do you require mesh edge protection, handrails or fenders? Or mooring posts, outboard motors, tower scaffolding, safety boats or life jackets?

Your answers will really help us to provide a quotation that accurately reflects your needs.

Don’t worry if you’re still not sure what kind of pontoon you need.  Simply give us a call on 01253 804184 and we’ll help you out quicker than a duck can take to water.


Floating Bridge Inspection Access Pontoons

How Do I Obtain A Quote For Floating Pontoon Hire?

We will calculate a precise quotation once we have worked with you to configure the most cost effective pontoon design that satisfies your objectives.

Delivery and installation will be a significant element of the cost and we will ask about access to the site to help establish exact delivery and installation costs.

Floating Pontoon Solutions Queens Coronation Windsor Castle 60th Anniversary Regatta

Please call us on 01253 804184 or email us and make working on water for your project or event really easy!

How Will The Pontoon Be Delivered?

Hiring a floating pontoon has never been simpler because we can deliver the Modular Floating Pontoon Hire system to virtually any site.

We’re very competitive on delivery too because we own our fleet of vehicles and trailers. Some of our vehicles and trailers are fitted with Hiab cranes and winching equipment, making delivery and installation a quick and simple process.

Floating Pontoon Installation Services

What Are The Pontoon Delivery & Collection Times?

Your pontoon system can be delivered to and collected from any location you specify 24 hours a day. Simply tell us where and when you’d like your pontoon delivered to and collected from when you request an estimate.

We’ll also include suggested times for delivery and collection of the floating modular pontoon, should you need us to.

Floating Modular Pontoon Delivery and Installation

What If There's Bad Or Awkward Site Access?

Where installation locations are awkward, the system can be broken down into individual manageable pieces which can be carried by hand.

Often we are able to use our 4X4 and trailer to access areas that would perhaps be otherwise inaccessible by lorry.

We’re also able to install the pontoon away from the site and then deliver the pontoon by water using an outboard engine.

FPS Pontoon Delivery

Where Can A Pontoon Be Installed?

The modular pontoon system can be installed in an array of locations for numerous applications throughout the UK.

There will be few projects we have not already come across from installations in swimming pools to window sampling on the Thames!

For a highly technical or complex installation we will conduct a survey, but more typically installation will be straight forward.

Floating Scaffolding Platforms Pontoon Hire

Want To Stay Safe? Use FPS Professional Pontoon Installation

Whilst the floating modular pontoon is engineered to be safe, strong, stable and fit for purpose, much of the skill in the design of the Floating Pontoon Hire system lies in ensuring the correct installation.

Particular care is needed when installing floating pontoons in areas with strong tidal flows, significant tidal range or on rivers with strong currents.

That’s all taken care of as part of our fantastic modular floating pontoon hire assembling and dismantling service.

Floating Rope Access Platforms For Hire

How Is The Pontoon Anchored Securely?

FPS Pontoon Hire have a wide range of fixing and anchoring systems to suit different locations from harbour walls to muddy river banks and a variety of anchoring systems including those suitable for use in environmentally sensitive areas.

Triathlon Event Floating Platform Pontoon

Do You Dismantle & Collect The Floating Pontoon?

We are aware that Floating Pontoon Solutions responsibility does not come to a close until the modular pontoon installation is collected from site. Our aim is to leave the site in the same condition as when we arrived.

Off Hiring the Modular Pontoon

At the end of the hire period, contact our office to arrange our team to dismantle the floating modular pontoon and remove it from the site.  We are used to working in environmentally sensitive areas and aim to leave the area untouched.

Floating Walkway Hire by Floating Pontoon Solutions

Pontoon Hire. What’s Included?

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Delivery & Collection

A nationwide modular floating pontoon hire delivery and collection service

Assembly & Dismantling

Modular floating pontoon hire assembling and dismantling service

Extra Equipment

Supply of additional equipment from outboard motors to tower scaffolds and life jackets

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